No Bully Statement

"The Pawtucket School Department and City of Pawtucket are launching a one-year initiative (#nobullypawtucket) with No Bully, a leading anti-bullying non-profit, to ensure that Pawtucket schools are bully-free.  This initiative is made possible through the generosity of Hasbro.  During the course of the coming school year, No Bully will train all 17 schools across the Department how to implement and sustain the No Bully System®.  The No Bully System® is a step-by-step process and set of interventions to prevent and stop bullying in our schools.  Schools that implement the No Bully System® are able to solve the vast majority of incidents of bullying.  For more information visit"

Solution Team Procedure

If a student at Agnes Little is being bullied they now have an option of being referred to a Solution Team.

The first step once a bullying situation has been identified is to meet with the target of the bully and discuss the circumstances of the situation. During the meeting the Solution Coach will suggest bringing the matter to a Solution Team. If the student agrees a team will be put together.

 A Solution Team is lead by a trained staff member and is comprised of the alleged bully and peers from the targets grade or class. 

The team will meet and discuss that a student is feeling bullied and will be told about certain specific things that are happening to the target and they will be asked to make suggestions on how to help the target. Before the meeting ends the Solution Coach will go over suggestions made and ask that the team follows through on their plan to help the target.

After one week has passed the Solution Coach will check in first with the target and then with the team to see if any progress is being made. If progress is not being made another team meeting may have to be held in order to refocus the group on helping the target.

After 2 weeks have passed from the original meeting with the target a third meeting with the team will be held.  The target will also be invited to this meeting so they can share with the group what was helpful and how they are feeling after changes have been made. The Solution Coach will also check back in with the targets parents after the third meeting.